KCR gives a huge shock to Hyderabadis

Till recently Telangana CM KCR’s actions won the appreciation of everyone in the country. However, of late he is giving shocks to people of Telangana with his actions. According to the latest KCR government decided to stop the coronavirus testing in Hyderabad. Though the Telangana government boasted that they are conducting 50000 tests, now everything came to a grinding halt.

With a spike in coronavirus cases in Hyderabad and the shocking decision of KCR is increasing tensions among Hyderabadis. Recently High Court became serious and directed the KCR government to increase tests. As per the directives of the court, the officials should give information to the colony associations about the number of coronaviruses positive as per the wards in the GHMC in Hyderabad.

High Court which reminded the KCR government that ICMR asked the states to carry out Rapid Antigen Test, directed it to take its suggestions into consideration. The officials started following the High Court’s directions but breaks are applied to the process. Since testing of the collected samples have not been completed, the officials stopped the tests for the coming two days. BJP and Congress have been accusing KCR of conducting less number of tests compared to other states across the country.

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