KCR gets shock: Protests demanding ‘WhereIsKCR’


Telangana CM KCR is getting shocks galore ever since the increase in coronavius cases after the relaxation of lockdown norms. High Court reprimanded the state government for the less number of coronavirus tests.

COVID 19 patients made shocking allegations exposing the deficiencies and also the sheer negligence by the doctors and private hospitals. Amidst all this Telangana CM KCR is not seen anywhere.

Many rumours spread that KCR got coronavirus and is now taking rest at his farm house in Eravelli. Already #WhereIsKCR is trending online and opposition parties like Congress leader Revanth Reddy even demanded health bulletin on KCR.

In the midst of all this a man protested at Pragathi Bhawan with a placard ‘ #WhereIs KCR? He is my CM. It’s my right to know’ Police didnot arrest the youngster and it is coming out that he is a Congress youth leader,Kotla Sai Baba.

Police finally arrested Sai Baba at BN.Reddy as the picture went viral on social media.


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