KCR gets shock: MPs,MLAs,MLCs waste 100s of crores

KCR shock

Telangana CM KCR got a huge shock when it came out that TRS party MLAs and MLCs wasted hundreds of crores of money. All those who have won as MLAs and MLCs are chasing CM KCR for funds citing developmental activities to be undertaken in their constituencies.

KCR shock

But unlike Siddipet MLA Harish Rao,who insisted on allocating more funds and put Siddipet development on a fast track,other MLAs and MLCs wasted 100s of crores. People are furious that they are getting funds from the CM and the government but are not utlising for the development.

The negligence of the latest Telangana MLAs and MLCs has once again surfaced. In the state of Telangana, the last KCR government allocated huge constituency development funds to MLAs and MLCs during 2014-19. But their negligence in spending them seems to have hit home.

In the last five years between 2014-19, the KCR government released a combined Rs 1,440 crore to MLAs. These were to be spent in constituencies for canals, bores, school buildings, street lights and other works. But the MPs spent only Rs 974 crore.The Telangana government has allocated Rs 974 crore to the MLCs and spent only Rs 254 crore. When a person applied through the latest RTI application,the negligence of our public representatives came out.

People are outraged at the attitude of our MLAs who do not spend even if they got funds. Although it is possible to earn even by percentages if these funds are spent, those funds have been squandered due to the laziness of our people’s representatives.