Hyderabadis playing with corona fire

Big spike pushes Covid-19 cases in Andhra to 111

Hyderabad: Corona Virus is giving sleepless nights to people across the world. Though India managed to control the pandemic to some extent with the implementation of lock down, the increasing number of COVID positive cases and the deaths are scaring all.

In the meantime, startling revelation is coming about Corona. It is getting proven that even little amount of carelessness can sound the death knell to people. There are many instances where people ignored the health advisories and paid the price using homemade remedies.

Negligence to the core

A constable in Medipalli police station tested positive for Corona. Even seven of his family members were tested positive. He got treatment at a hospital on April 22nd for fever. He moved freely with his family members. His mother is a grade four government employee in Andhra Mahila Sabha hospital. Hospital officials asked her not to come to the duty as she was unwell. After a week she resumed duties saying she got treated and doing well.

But six of the hospital staff were sent to quarantine as she participated in May Day celebrations and moved closely with the people in the hospital. Even Constable’s uncle’s situation is similar to it.

He is a mechanical supervisor in RTC Depo 1, Mushirabad and he got a fever for three days. He resumed duties after his fever reduced. But when he fell sick again, he was tested positive for corona. Four people in the depo who were close to him were sent to quarantine.

Met many though suffering from fever

A groundnuts businessman from Saradanagar, Dilsukhnagar went to a medical shop and got medicines for fever. Though his fever did not reduce after three days, he went to his brother’s house in Vanasthalipuram. He along with his brother and brother in law went to a private hospital. Doctors conducted all tests except for corona and after two days, got admitted to the hospital. In the meantime, he met his brother and brother in law’s family members and visited many hospitals. Later when corona tests were conducted at a corporate hospital in Somajiguda, he was tested positive and shifted to Gandhi hospital. Due to him, around 11 people got coronavirus. His brother and father passed away He also participated in his brother’s daughter’s birthday function and met many of his relatives. Suspicion is on that many of his relatives might have got corona as he was suffering from it at that time. Even the doctor who treated him in Vanasthalipuram and who moved closely with him also got coronavirus.

Failed to recognize the symptoms

33 people got infected with coronavirus due to an old woman in Talabkatta. She continued with home treatment despite having a fever. With no result, she visited two local hospitals and got treatment. When she was finally shifted to Gandhi Hospital, she was diagnosed with corona positive. 28 members of her family, four doctors, and nurses also got coronavirus. Since the doctors at the two hospitals who treated her did not diagnose coronavirus symptoms, they also got coronavirus. Finally, she lost her life.

Markaz connection

A person in Qutubullapur got corona in a similar manner. After returning from Markaz, he moved closely with his family members. He was tested positive and also four of his family members got coronavirus.

Family members of others

A businessman went returned to Secunderabad from Dubai. Through him, his wife and son got coronavirus. A nurse in Mettuguda kissed an 8-month-old boy near her house when she was not well and when she got coronavirus, the boy was also tested and he also got coronavirus.