Harish Rao’s sensational secret operation in Dubbaka

In the Dubaka Assembly by-election, the TRS is moving ahead with surprising tactics for political opponents. There, Minister Harish Rao, who is campaigning on behalf of the party, undertook a secret task.Despite being confident of a landslide victory, he fielded ‘private’ spies with the intention of not harming the party candidate due to any small flaw in the field. They are an addition to government intelligence.
His secret operation in Dubbaka sent shivers among TRS workers. Here is his interaction with a TRS person who was caught red handed.

Harish Rao's sensational secret operation in Dubbaka
Harish Rao’s sensational secret operation in Dubbaka

A 25 year old youngster got a call.
Harish Rao: Tammi, I am Harish Rao speaking
Lachchayya: Annanna. I’m Lachchayya speaking.
Harish Rao: (Laughs) I know, Tammi .. how are you doing?
Lachchayya:Good .. such an early morning phone call?
Harish Rao: After this I have to campaign. That’s why early.
Lachchayya: Cheppanna, Cheppanna
Harish Rao:What do you do with a Congress leader when you are doing good in our party (TRS)? Why are you hanging out with him? Do you think I am not here for you?
Lachchayya: Ledanna, I didn’t hangout with the Congress people.
Harish Rao: Don’t tell lies lachanna. Did the two of you get together at your village Hotel yesterday? Shall I tell you what you both spoke?
Lachchayya:(mumbled)Why Anna .. Why ..
Harish Rao: This is the time we should work hard. How will it be If you hangout with the Congress people with out fighting? What will our party people will think? You are supposed to tell our party people and how could you do this?
Lachchayya: Tappaindanna, sorry, I will ensure it will not happen.
Harish Rao: OK Tammi..come to Siddhipet once after this election .
Lachchayya: Ok Anna..Ok Anna ..
( Lachchaiya still does not know who told Harish Rao that he hanged out with the Congress people)

It is known that Solipeta Sujatharamalingareddy is contesting on behalf of TRS from the Dubaka Assembly constituency which will go to the polls on the 3rd of next month. Cheruku Srinivasareddy from the Congress and Raghunandan Rao from the BJP are in the ring.

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