A secret deal between Chandra Babu and Revanth Reddy

chandrababu revanth reddy

During the corona time, the Union Government is advising people to follow social distancing. However Telangana Firebrand Congress MP Revanth Reddy is busy working to enhance his own image. However senior Congress leaders are not liking Revanth’s aggressive actions.

chandrababu revanth reddy

But Revanth is coming with a strategy that only he is the alternative who can take on KTR and Telangana CM KCR in the state. Inside talk is Chandra Babu is of the feeling that Revanth always happens to be his righthand man and anytime he will be useful and so trying to strengthen him.

Recently, the cadre of Revanth Reddy has increased in Hyderabad City and sources Chandra Babu was behind it. Revanth is said to have got an unexpected following with the support of the TDP caste Kamma community in Hyderabad.

It is being rumored that Revanth Reddy met Chandrababu who was in Hyderabad at the time of Corona and after taking his advice Revanth started his action plan. It was Chandra Babu’s advice which is resulting in Revanth attacking pro-TRS media. Revanth is not forgetting Chandra Babu who is helping him to become strong in the Congress party.