Star hero who denied to marry Sridevi

Sridevi, the yesteryear’s female superstar defined everything that ‘Dream Girl’ tag stood for. She could act, dance, and emote with equal ease. Sridevi’s dominance in Indian cinema was unprecedented and almost all of it was a result of her unmatched beauty and grace.

Her spellbound screen presence and has become the heroine nonpareil and was deified by the legion of fans. She was everyman’s dream, she’s the cover girl of all top magazines, she was a sensation, she’s an aura, the best beautiful faces ever to grace the Indian Cinema.

Millions of men would have dreamt of marrying her, but not many know that a star hero had denied to marry Sridevi.

Getting into details, yesteryears star hero Rajasekhar who was fondly called as ‘Angry Young Man’ for his terrific cop roles was approached by Sridevi’s mother to marry her daughter.

However, Rajasekhar who was in the initial phases of his movie career denied the proposal as he wanted to focus on only at that time.

This was revealed by Rajasekhar in an interview. Later he got married to actress Jeevitha and Sridevi got married to Bollywood film maker Boney Kapoor.