Nithin’s Extra-Ordinary Man Is Out

Nithiin, the charming hero, is currently engrossed in his upcoming project, ‘EXTRA – Ordinary Man’. After an enticing teaser that delighted audiences, the much-anticipated trailer for the film has been unveiled. The trailer commences with a child expressing his desire to stand out and avoid boredom, supported by his mother who sees an actor within him. Nithiin portrays a junior artist, an extra member on a film set, engaging in amusing skirmishes with Sree Leela and Rao Ramesh, who plays his father.

The trailer is packed with film references, humor on various topics, and meme nods, creating uproarious moments. It shifts gears smoothly from comedy to intense action sequences, showcasing Nithiin’s stylish and impressive fights, adding intrigue to his character. He appears immensely captivating, promising a unique persona on screen.

Directed by Vakkantham Vamsi, the film seems to offer a blend of entertainment. The trailer reaches a high point with the introduction of Angry Man Dr. Rajasekhar in a significant role. His character, seen leaving jail dressed as a prisoner, engages in hilarious banter with Nithiin, notably involving Jeevitha garu. The impactful background score by Harris Jayaraj adds to the trailer’s appeal.

Scheduled for release on December 8th, ‘EXTRA – Ordinary Man’ is produced by Sudhakar Reddy & Nikitha Reddy under the Sreshth Movies banner, in collaboration with Aditya Movies and Entertainments and Ruchira Entertainments. The makers promise an abundance of entertainment for audiences in theaters.