Poll : Will YS Jagan succeed in his fight with judiciary?

Will YS Jagan succeed in his fight with judiciary?

In an unprecedented move YS Jagan Mohan Reddy attacked judiciary. It was the first time for a head of executive of a state to publicly make allegations against a supreme court judge and four other high court judges. His main accusation is that the judiciary is hand in glove with the opposition party, TDP in the state. YS Jagan went to an extent of saying that the judiciary has animosity towards him and his government and that reflected in their judgements wherever the state government was a party.

Will YS Jagan succeed in his fight with judiciary?

The public, the analysts and the experts on the judicial matters expressed mixed opinions on this move of the chief minister.There are a good number of people who supported YS Jagan’s move. Their reasoning for this is like any other system, judiciary also needs to come clean by conducting an enquiry into the allegation. They are also demanding transparency in the administration of justice.The other group is opposing YS Jagan’s move on this matter.

They say this is going to set a dangerous precedence in the country and will have a big blow on the function of judiciary as an independent body. Some are having objections in the way YS Jagan have made this whole thing public.

TeluguRajyam wants to capture the pulse of the people on what the out come is going to be like at the end of this tussle between Executive and Judiciary.

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