Ruckus in Karnataka Legislative Council

It was mayhem to say the least in Karnataka Legislative Council today morning. The Congress MLCs indulged in fisticuffs and the deputy chairman SL Dharme Gowda was pulled out of his chair and pulled across the floor of the house, by MLCs, which was a rather shameful incident for the Karnataka Legislative Council.


Ruckus in Karnataka Legislative Council this morning


The BJP has been demanding the removal or replacement of the chairman of the Council, as he was a Congress party member. This was mentioned in their book too. A day-long session was called for to discuss the issue. The ruling BJP backed by JDS was likely to move a no-confidence motion against chairman K Pratachandra Shetty, a Congress leader. Incidentally, Gowda is from JDS, which is an ally of BJP.

The ruling BJP maintained that the chairman Shetty cannot preside over the proceedings as the meet was to bring out a no-confidence motion against him. Therefore, it said that the deputy chairman should preside over the meeting. However, when Gowde took the chair, the Congress MLCs created a scene.

The Council meeting was adjourned following such disgraceful event and now the BJP is demanding that the Council be reconvened. Chairman of the Council Pratapachandra Shetty reached the House escorted by marshals and adjourned the House. The BJP leaders have approached the Governor of the state regarding the issue.

BJP had wanted to bring up the no-confidence motion since last week, but Shetty adjourned the House. Also, BJP wanted to introduce the anti-cow slaughter bill in the House.

Congress is vehemently opposing removal of Shetty and is in favour of referring the anti-cow slaughter bill to select committee.