Indian Army’s brutal revenge on Chinese PLA

Chinese Army ambushed Indian soldiers at the Galwan Valley and launched a brutal assault with iron rods and other weapons much against the international treaties. This resulted in the death of more than 20 Indian soldiers including Colnel Santosh Babu.

Despite being outnumbered, Indian soldiers fought vailaintly to send shivers down the spines of the Chinese PLA. Following the death of Colonel Santosh Babu, soldiers of the 16 Bihar Regiment joined by the Ghatak commandos blasted the living daylights of the Chinese PLA.

They adopted the primitive fighting methods and smashed and smacked the faces of the Chinese army so much so that many of their limbs were severed or broken. Indian soldiers used bayonets, sticks, and stones and even snatched the weapons from the Chinese PLA and launched a merciless attack on them. Indian soldiers chased them into the Chinese border.

Sources reveal “Some had their necks dangling from their bodies, while those whose faces were smashed with stones were beyond recognition,” Ghatak commandos are reputed for their expertise in close quarter battles and lead the assaults ahead of the battalion.

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