Drunkards vs Commoners-Cops becoming laughing stock

The spread of corona virus across the world and in India forced the administration to implement complete lock down to control the pandemic. Entire nation went into lock down and this affected all the sectors in the industry.

Police started acting touch across the country and started booking and filing cases against people who started violating the lock down norms. Police at times even started lathi charging people for defying social distancing and not wearing masks. They even seized the vehicles imposing heavy fines.

Under these circumstances, people are furious on police for their dual standards. They are angrily questioning why cops are tough and hard on commoners who come out to purchase essential items or go in search of jobs to get some livelihood in the testing times and why they are becoming helpless on drunkards who defied all lock down norms, social distancing and did not wear masks.

People are angry with the governments opening liquor shops as if those were essential services and leaving many migrants in a lurch who are suffering from acute hunger and went shelter less. Analysts say governments are only increasing in the revenue rather than protect the lives of the people. Police also express their helplessness saying now they have becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the common public.