Democracy in India is in your imagination: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has reiterated that the protesting farmers will not budge. He along with Ghulam Nabi Azad and another Congressman met up with President Ramnath Kovind and presented him with a letter.


Rahul Gandhi addressed media after meeting President Ramnath Kovind


Later, speaking to the media, Rahul Gandhi said that farmers will not give up their protest. He said the farm laws were against the farmers and scores of labourers working in the sector. Rahul Gandhi said he had been warning both the government and farmers that the laws will be detrimental to the country.

He also pointed out that the laws were passed without any debate, either with opposition parties or the farmers. It was necessary for the government to hold a joint session to discuss the laws and their repercussions, said Gandhi.

The Congress leader was quite vocal that Narendra Modi was functioning primarily for the good of his crony capitalist friends. He said whatever Modi did was in favour of his close 3-4 friends. If the reforms are implemented, then it will mean loss of livelihood to millions of people. It will create massive destruction and massive pain in the country. Millions of people will not have anything to do, warned Rahul Gandhi.

“He will construct whatever narrative it takes to make sure the wealth transfer that is taking place to 2 or 3 people continues. He will call people terrorists, he will call people anti-nationals and whatever to transfer the wealth to these 2-5 people,” pointed out Rahul Gandhi.

It was the same when I spoke about Corona and its spread said the young leader. “When I told the PM that dealing with corona in a centralised manner will kill many people, he called me a scare-monger. But after I spoke to the press, he did decentralise the process,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also went to the extent of saying that India has an incompetent man running the country on behalf of some people. This is what the people have to understand and this is what the youngsters have to understand,” he said.

“It’s an assault on our country. All small and medium businesses will be gone. China has usurped land on borders, but PM is silent. I am warning people of the country that things will be worse,” said Rahul Gandhi expressing his angst.