#Coronarendramodi,#Coronakumar going viral

Till sometime back people of the country hailed each and every step taken by PM Modi to reduce the spread of coronavirus pandemic across the country. However some of his actions made people so furious that they started trending the #coronarendramodi and #coronakumar on social media.

The reason for their anger is Modi’s Union Government, The Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) slapped 18% GST on all alcohol-based sanitizers. Springfield India Distilleries had approached the Goa-bench and suggested a tax of 12 % be levied instead of 18% and it also argued that if sanitizers are exempted from tax, it will be helpful for the people of the country. However, ARR maintained that GST would be 18% as the sanitizers are alcohol-based.

People of Bihar trolled CM Nitish Kumar with the #coronakumar and now many started trolling PM Modi with the #coronarendramodi accusing that it is a shameful and unfair practice of the Union government to loot people during corona times.

Finance Ministry later issued a clarification that slashing GST on hand sanitizers will inturn make imports cheaper and this would affect domestic manufacturers denting the Atmanirbhar Bharat principle. 

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