BJP’s lucky mascot Amit Shah shows his might in W Bengal

It is a mighty meeting with a clear-cut agenda. The lucky mascot of BJP in elections, union Home Minister Amit Shah is holding rallies and public meets in W Bengal today.


BJP lucky mascot Amit Shah shows his might in W Bengal


It has become a norm for the BJP to send across Amit Shah whenever elections are announced in a state. Be it local, civic polls or assembly elections, Amit Shah’s presence has helped the party win or secure a good majority in polls. A populist way of BJP is to get Amit Shah to induct new members in almost every state, and West Bengal is no different.

The slogan for the Trinamool ruled state is ‘Sonar bangla ka sapna, Bengal hoga apna’. The BJP has already created ripples in West Bengal by launching a massive induction drive. The most important member happens to be Suvendu Adhikari, ex-Trinamool member.

Suvendu Adhikari, after joining the party has expressed anguish that he is being labelled a back-stabber by Trinamool. He said when he was in TMC, he was humiliated.

West Bengal will go to polls in 2021 and it is a crucial election for Mamata Banerjee. With BJP making inroads into the state politics, it is no longer a given that her party will win the elections with absolute majority.

“Clench your fists for change in West Bengal and loudly say Bharat mata ki Jai. The sound must reach the ears of Mamata Banerjee,” said Amit Shah in a public meeting in Midnapore.

He said he bowed to the land of Eshwar Chand VIdyasagar and Khudiram Bose. One MP, 9 MLAS, 1 ex minister, 1 MoS, 15 councillors, 45 chairmen, 2 presidents of zilla panchayats joined BJP under the leadership of Suvendu Adhikari from TMC, Congress and CPI.