YSR’s secret with a shepherd

Former CM of United Andhra Pradesh, YSR has an immense reputation as one of the great Chief Ministers. Many hail him as one of the great humanitarian. His close aides recollect many incidents from his life.

Raghurama Krishnam Raju who is of late launching a blistering attack on AP CM Jagan, speaking to scribes shared many secrets of YSR. He said ‘ In 2004 a gallery was constituted regarding his padayatra following his victory. YSR after noticing that all the photos had a person and asked the officials to trace him out and bring him to him. Police did the same”

YSR then asked him ” You are there in all the photos. But I haven’t seen you during my yatra’. For that he replied ‘ I am a shepherd sir. I sold off my sheep and walked along with you. But I didnot get the courage to speak to you”

YSR at once gave him Rs 5 lakhs money and directed officials to give 50 sheep to him. He told him ‘ If you have any problem, remember I am there.”

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