Times Now Survey: TRS ahead of all

Another National media house has released its survey today and like other surveys, predicted TRS’s lead in the race to December 7 polls. The survey predicted TRS to win 70 assembly seats with Congress settling for 31. AIMIM had 8 under its name while TDP had fortunes in just 2 constituencies. Other parties were prophesied to win 5 seats.

Interestingly, BJP’s share reduced to 3 seats from 5 in the 2014 elections. Not to mention, the National party is fighting this election alone unlike its earlier outings… relying heavily on Modi’s charisma.

What’s going wrong for Congress?

With reference to various national surveys, it can be easily concluded that Congress will not be gaining much from the Mahakootami. In fact, it could have at least avoided rebels and gained another couple of seats if fought the elections alone. Also, the issue of seat adjustments among the leaders exposed lack of unity which could have been avoided.

Another key area of concern is the inability of leaders to carry the party forward. To be precise, State Congress lacks a leader like YS Rajasekhar Reddy who had a high mass following. Though Revanth Reddy was inducted at the end, his presence as a firebrand leader cannot change much in a short period of time.

KCR’s move of calling for early polls after his preliminary preparations in the background has clearly reduced the chances of other parties. Congress got only a reasonable time to prepare for the elections, unlike TRS. Knowing this, Congress could have at least made the best use of the available time instead of fighting internally for seat adjustments.

With Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Modi touring Telangana, analysts expect that there would be a slight slide in vote shares but not as much as one that could influence the election results. TRS has banked heavily on its mass following with schemes like Rythu Bandhu and is paying off now.

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