Swamy has the rights to tweet against Gandhis!

BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy, had filed a complaint in Delhi on November 1, 2012, against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and few others. He alleged that fraud and misappropriation of assets took place via their privately owned company “Young Indian”.


The director of Young Indian was Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi was one of the board members in 2010. Sonia and Rahul owned 76 percent of the shares and the remaining was owned by Motilal Vora and Oscar Fernandes who were also from the Congress Party. Though this company is supposedly a not-for-profit-company, it made commercial operations.

Basically, it acquired Associated Journals Limited (AJL) in 2011. 5000 freedom fighters including Nehru formed AJL in 1937. The value of real estates owned by ALJ across multiple cities is estimated to be around fifty billion rupees. Many stakeholders of AJL allege that they were not notified about the shares being transferred from ALJ to Young Indian.

AJL publishes National Herald, Quami Awaz and Navjeevan newspapers. Hence, this case is popularly known as the National Herald case.


The case has since been going on. Swamy, being an active social media person, shared his thoughts about this case. One of the accused, Vora, filed another case against Swamy for tweeting about a case that is in court alleging that it would hamper the trial.

The court rejecting Vora’s plea said that it is unable to find any evidence on record nor has anything been put forth to show that Swamy’s tweets may have caused any damage to the trial or any prejudice to the court.

Throughout, Swamy has claimed that he has every right to tweet. Looks like the court could not agree more.