Power hungry BJP will be taught a lesson in 2019

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu is not leaving a stone unturned when it comes to criticizing BJP and the NDA at the Centre. In the latest development, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik dissolved the state assembly citing lack of scope for the formation of a stable government. The decision from the Governor has drawn severe criticism from regional and national political parties alike.

Governor Malik had even rejected the proposal of a government formation put forward by PDP-NC-Congress alliance. The Governor stated that he had taken the decision due to ‘ideological differences’ between the alliance members. This has drawn severe criticism from the regional parties tagging BJP as ‘power hungry’ and questioning the Governor’s authority of looking at ideological differences.

Speaking on the whole episode Mr. Naidu said, “BJP is making a mockery of the federal structure every now and then. Their power hungry attitude has no limits. It is once again proved in the way it dissolved the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly”. He questioned why Governors are acting in a weird way since BJP came into power at the Centre.

“Since you (NDA) came to power at the Centre, Governors have become your puppets. You must remember that Governors are not elected representatives. Centre and the State governors must keep this in mind while making key decisions”, he added.

Commenting on Malik rejecting an alliance proposal, Mr. Naidu said, “On what grounds can a governor feel that there is no scope for a stable government formation?. If NC-PDP-Congress alliance share ideological differences, what common point did BJP and PDP have in 2016 when they formed an alliance?. It is clearly an indication of the Centre misusing constitutional powers”.

In the Indian History, it is for the first time that a Governor has used his discretionary powers to such an extent that he rejected a proposal for government formation on the lines of ‘ideological differences’. No Governor has done this before. Noting the criticism, Jammu and Kashmir Governor had also arranged for a rare press meeting explaining the reasons for his decision. He stated that he had made observations of severe horse-trading in the State and has decided to dissolve the assembly in the longer interest of the public.

It is not yet clear when a fresh election will be conducted in J&K. There is a possibility of conducting the assembly polls along with the Loksabha elections. However, holding an election in Jammu and Kashmir is not that easy due to law and order issues every and now then.

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