Is Centre influencing Indian Judiciary?

Retired Supreme Court judge Justice Kurian Joseph, in an interview to a national TV channel, said that it seemed like the former CJI Dipak Mishra was remote controlled externally by some agency. The statement has become the topic of debate all over the Country, with speculations on the agency influencing the judiciary.

Indian Judiciary is believed and boasted to be one of the strongest and faithful institutions in the world and it is the only place where a common man feels justice is available without corruption. However, with the incidents of Supreme Court judges’ press conference, CJI’s impeachment motion and now the statement from Justice Kurian kept the eyes of a common man wide open with doubts on what’s happening inside the institution. Such incidents are new in this Country and hence, become the topic of contention. Can the Central government influence Judiciary?

Though Justice Kurian indirectly said that it looked like the former CJI was externally controlled by someone, all the eyes are now on BJP…as the cases of conflict, on which the allegations were made involved key rulings in favor of the NDA government. Justice Kurian said that it is not only about the hearing of Justice Loya case, but also on how the former CJI sent important cases against the government to judicial benches down the hierarchy order clearly acting in a specified manner.

Well, though Amit Shah and the mighty NDA government can influence the judiciary to some extent, it is very unlikely that the whole judicial institution can be crippled by an external force. There is always scope for correction even when justice is not truly done. Hope that the current collegium works in unity to clear the allegations and regain the faith in Indian Judiciary.