Congress threatened Supreme Court judges: PM Modi


Making a serious allegation against the opposition Indian National Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on to say that a couple of Congress leaders have approached the Supreme Court judges to delay the hearing of Ayodhya case. The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress MPs threatened the judges to face impeachment if they did not work in their favor.

Coming to the details, Prime Minister Modi made the above remarks while addressing a rally in Rajasthan as part of the poll campaigning. “Congress can go to any extent when its agenda is to claim power. They have even blackmailed the SC judges of impeachment if they did not postpone the hearing of Ayodhya case until the completion of Lok Sabha elections”, the PM said. Without naming the leaders in question, Prime Minister Modi hinted that they were also lawyers by profession…which raised fingers at Kapil Sibal.

On the other hand, the level of the allegation from the Prime Minister had surprised many. An important question that the PM must answer is when he was aware of such incidents happening…why did the Prime Minister did not initiate an inquiry?. Such incidents can only be confirmed if the Supreme Court judges have themselves reached out to PM Modi. Did they actually meet him?.

Moreover, the common saying is that the ruling government generally tries to influence the judicial proceedings. It sounds funny when PM Modi says that the Congress party has threatened of impeachment despite knowing that for an impeachment bill to be passed, Lok Sabha has to give its nod too. BJP has an absolute majority in the Loksabha.

Interestingly, Congress has earlier moved an impeachment notification against former CJI Dipak Mishra in the Rajya Sabha, which Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu has rejected. Does it have anything to relate with PM Modi’s allegation?. Not to forget, even other SC judges complained against the former CJI in a press conference about conspiracy in allotting key cases to select Judicial benches. In fact, at that time there were rumors that the CJI worked in favor of the Central government to save them against key cases like the privacy of Aadhar data and the mandatory linking of Aadhar.