Is BJP the new flag bearer of nepotism?

No, it isn’t about Kangana accusing Karan Johar of being the flag bearer of Nepotism in Bollywood.

It is the party that has been at the forefront criticizing Congress Party for its dynastic rule. Seems like BJP is succumbing to the same old “vanshwad” formula and the Congress Party is definitely not going to let this news die soon.

Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections will be held on 28 November 2018. 230 constituencies are going to elect their members. What is catching everyone’s eyes is the number of tickets given to the relatives of BJP leaders in MP. Around 35 tickets are being given to their kith and kin of which 25 happen to be the sons of the leaders.

However, the count of tickets given due to nepotism within Congress is still unknown. BJP might counter this by bringing out the tickets issued by Congress, but this accusation is nothing new for Congress.

This new or rather old disease of nepotism is genetic and hereditary and fast spreading!