If Chandrababu Naidu sits in the opposition..

Chandra Babu Naidu

After a long wait, we have neared the D-day and very soon, the election results and the fate of Andhra Pradesh for the next five years will be announced. Until then, it will be all guessing and believing from all ends of society. At least Andhra Pradesh elections have something to debate of when it comes to politics…unlike Telangana, where the so-called opposition is slowly wiping out due to defection, going back into an era of the monarchy where the ruler rules and there will not be anyone to question his policies.

For Andhra Pradesh, the entering of Janasena into politics, TDP’s future with Lokesh as the new face and the much-awaited fight between YS Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu, all plays an interesting level increasing the anxiety for the voters to wath out for the results day. As of now, most of the surveys have gone in favour of YS Jagan – the youngest contender for the CM chair of Andhra Pradesh. What if Jagan wins?

Well, firstly, Chandrababu Naidu cannot believe himself to be sitting in the opposition chair after serving the state as a Chief Minister for such a long time and that too against a young leader. But, politics get interesting when a senior most leader becomes the opposition leader against the government of a young CM. Naidu, in all sorts, can make governance tough for Jagan with his political wit and the battle turns interesting.

Imagine how it feels to be for TDP, getting to the opposition of the same assembly, from where they fired left and right at the YSRCP. Well, a similar firework will evidently emerge if ever TDP loses…the pain will force them to work harder!

In the end, it is much safer to say that the people of Andhra Pradesh are lucky to have a strong political force with senior leaders in the opposition and choices for the next General election in the form of Janasena, unlike Telangana where the opposition is gradually wiping out. After all, good democratic competition is what forces the government to work harder for the overall development of the public. A strong opposition is as important as a strong government!!