Harish Rao – leading with an example

In very rare cases in the current times that we see a whole village supporting one political leader. Same happened with care taker Irrigation Minister of Telangana, Mr.Harish Rao. Ibrahimpur, a remote village bordering Sircilla and Siddipet constituencies has decided to unanimously vote for the TRS leader no matter who the opposition candidate be.

And yes, there is a reason for Harish Rao receiving such an emotional outburst from the people of Ibrahimpur. Three years ago, Harish Rao adopted this village when he came to preside a meeting of Grama Jyothi. Locals said that since then, the face of their village has changed with everyone now recognising Ibrahimpur, which was not known to anyone a couple of years ago.


Government primary school in Ibrahimpur


Harish Rao with the help of his government and other Centrally aided schemes made sure that Ibrahimpur received all the basic amenities. He constructed toilets to every household and forced the residents to make use of soak pits, to harvest rainwater. Also, the village created a record by planting 1 lakh saplings in a single day under the Haritha Haram scheme. Thanks to the green initiative, the fruits of which can be seen all over the village now.

A view from the village Ibrahimpur

Not only this, the government school building has been renovated with strict action being taken against irregular teachers. Locals admitted that there were no cases of viral diseases being reported in the village after the village panchayat adopted cleanliness as the main initiative. Accordingly, the village has constructed separate sheds for grazing animals and had even deployed solar panels to save electricity.

Villagers have gradually started using Solar panels to save electricity


Ibrahimpur is also the first village in South India, to go cashless after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of higher currency notes.

Looking at the heartfelt support from the residents of Ibrahimpur, an emotional Harish Rao said, “After witnessing this, I feel like quitting politics and staying with you. I have got enough for my political satisfaction and will continue to serve you till my end”.

It is natural that people keep leaders in their heart if they perform their basic duties well. If we look at what Harish Rao has done to the development of Ibrahimpur, it is nothing but following his duty sincerely. When, a village can give so much of trust in return..the same happens even with a town or constituency as a whole. The key is simple. Strive and work for the development of your constituency and the voters will always be in support, removing the equation of cash and liquor from the game of winning an election.  Hope other Telangana politicians realize this soon and follow the age-old mantra which Irrigation Minister Harish Rao has just unearthed!