BRS Elections 2023 – Kavitha’s Quiet Impact In Campaign?

BRS party is gearing up for the upcoming elections, aiming for a third consecutive win. Party president K. Chandrasekhar Rao, his son K.T. Rama Rao, and nephew T. Harish Rao are actively campaigning, using their strong speaking skills to sway voters. They’re prominently visible in the media, sharing their views in interviews and engaging in public events.

However, KCR’s daughter, Kavitha, has taken a different approach. Instead of media appearances, she’s reportedly engaging in grassroots politics. Kavitha is going door-to-door, meeting voters personally and encouraging them to support the BRS. It’s said she’s also applying vermilion on women’s foreheads as a cultural gesture while seeking their support.

KCR is extensively touring multiple districts, conducting roadshows, and addressing public gatherings, having covered a significant part of the districts already. He plans to intensify his campaigning just before the polls, aiming for press meets every few days. KTR is actively engaging with the public through speeches, media interviews, and community outreach. T. Harish Rao is working hard to garner support by bringing together various community and religious groups.

Kavitha has maintained a low profile in the media, possibly due to prior allegations linked to a Delhi liquor scam, which led her to reduce public appearances. Overall, while the trio of KCR, KTR, and Harish Rao are highly visible in the media, Kavitha has chosen a more personal, on the ground approach in her efforts to bolster BRS’s chances in the upcoming elections.