Doctor’s stunner about Jagan and Modi

The controversy over Dr.Sudhakar stunned all across the country. AP CM Jagan and the government got a huge shock when the High Court transferred the case to CBI. Even as people are waiting for the CBI findings, Dr.Sudhakar came with a stunner about Jagan and Modi.

He recollected his ordeal from being suspended from the hospital and how he was branded as an insane person. He said ‘ I started getting bad phone calls ever since my suspension. I was scared to come out due to the torture. I had to go to Nakkapalli due to bank work. During my journey,I noticed some people following and stopped the car. I had cash in my car. When I got down, the miscreants attacked me and even gave the wrong information to the police about me. They complained that I am indulging in wrong acts.”

Dr.Sudhakar continued ‘ What will I get if I go against the government. CM Jagan Garu is a God for me. I didn’t even speak against Modi. Do I have the courage to scold or abuse them? I do not even abuse my enemies. I like PM Modi a lot. Will I abuse such a leader? coming to Jagan he is doing very good work for the benefit of the poor. “

Dr.Sudhakar said ‘ I have no party affiliations. I worked under Chandra Babu’s regime and he also ruled well. My only mistake is going to Ayyanapatrudu’s house. People attacked me to tarnish the image of someone. They hatched a conspiracy to sack me from my job branding me as insane. I will not name the person who tonsured my head. It will result in a huge controversy. I am not against the government. I am working to help the poor. CM Jagan should pardon and reinstate me. No one used me If they have to take action on them. When few threatened me to kill in the hospital, my family members got scared. We have a lot of lands and do not have time to look after them. What do I have got to do with politics”

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