CBN and his role as a strategist in Mahakootami

Chandrababu Naidu has no doubt surprised everyone with his collaboration with Congress both at the State and national levels. His swift rallies in key places of Telangana might have favoured the TDP contestants too. But, there is an unknown thing which everyone has not talked much about. Chandrababu, as the strategist and coordinator for Mahakootami alliance!.

Forging an alliance and making it a reality without major hiccups is not an easy task. For an alliance to be successful at the initial stage, it will have to strategically adjust seats among the participating parties, control the rebel leaders and must focus on campaigning as soon as possible. Given the scenario which headed to an early election in Telangana with less time for the opposition to prepare, we must acknowledge that Congress has stricken the balance almost perfectly.

It requires several rounds of talks and deliberations for an alliance to become a reality. And then, Congress lacks a sound leader who can do this. This is where Chandrababu stepped in. Sources said that when the alliance leaders were still in dilemma on finalising the seats, it is Chandrababu who speeded up the process with due deliberations and planning. Chandrababu had helped the alliance partners to solve several deadlocks on seat adjustments, which could have otherwise affected the poll campaigning. Also, it is rumoured that both Chandrababu and Revanth Reddy have strategically waited till the end before announcing the campaigning of the AP CM in Telangana. The election day fever has come to the last few days, which meets a lot of drama, enthusiasm, and intensity. Let us see how well Mahakootami will raise up to the occasion.