Amma Rajasekhar calls star hero a cheat

Amma Rajasekhar, the choreographer-turned-director, and actor got busier with YouTube interviews these days. The director who was almost forgotten hogged the limelight with the Telugu reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. After a long hiatus, Amma Rajasekhar is coming up with his new movie as a director and invited actor Nithin for the promotions. However, owing to his busy schedule Nithin couldn’t turn and it irked Amma Rajasekhar further.

He openly criticized Nithin for ignoring his request and called him a thankless person. But, Nithin has maintained silence on the director’s comments. After Nithin, Amma Rajasekhar targeted another Tollywood hero Gopichand.

Amma Rajasekhar directed Ranam movie with Gopichand and surprisingly it’s the only hit in Rajasekhar’s career as a director in Telugu. He said that he narrated a script to Gopichand after Ranam and the actor agreed to that. But, later Gopichand ignored him and when he was supposed to do a movie with Venkatesh, he was shocked to see Gopichand’s Shankam movie was the same line which narrated to him but directed by someone else.

He blamed Gopichand for cheating on him and said that his movie with Venkatesh could not materialize due to some reasons and after that, his downfall started. It remains to be seen whether Amma Rajasekhar would stop with Gopichand or has any plans to target other heroes.