Jana Sena’s Rapaka to be the opposition leader

Fight over Amaravathi is taking new twists and turns with each passing second. With the Governor giving green signal for the formation of three capitals, opposition leader Chandra Babu Naidu is planning to hit the streets and lead the protests. He and his party leaders will resign enmasse and submit their resignations to the Governor tomorrow.

AP CM Jagan and YSRCP government in the meanwhile decided not to bow down to Chandra Babu’s antics. It is also getting ready to get the speaker aceept the resignations and fight over the issue in the peoples’ court. With the resignations of TDP MLAs, there willnot be any opposition in the house.

YSRCP has 151 MLAs, TDP has 23 and Jana Sena has only Rapaka Vara Prasad. If and when TDP resigns from the assembly, then only opposition will be Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena. Thus Rapaka Vara Prasad will be the opposition leader in the assembly and many feel this is a golden opportunity for Jana Sena and Rapaka if they use it effectively.

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