Upasana Konidela’s faith mantra

Upasana Konidela as we all know is majorly into health and fitness. She has chosen various platforms from her publication B+ to various social media avenues to spread awareness on health, fitness and wellness.

Upasana at Char Dham

She is seen and heard on various media and does not shy away to talk and share her secret tips with all those who are into holistic wellness. It’s not just talking about her cause, but Upasana also writes a lot about her favourite topic.

Her latest post on twitter has a cute or rather ‘faith-inspiring’ picture of Upasana Konidela with some naga sadhus. Writing about the experience, Upasana says during her recent visit to char dham, she was overwhelmed by what she saw during the trip. We get to see the naga sadhus blessing her and Upasana attached a quick 7-minute read about her new inspiration.

She says she got to see the sick, helpless, disable and those unwell with altitude sickness immerse themselves in faith. She further writes faith can help humans overcome any kind of pain and can lead to miracles.

She says, ‘have faith in yourself, your religion and your environment’ and adds that she has experienced and seen first-hand the power of faith.

The write-up is a good read through for all those interested in char dham and also those looking for matters of faith.