Upasana Konidela’s UR Life.com has tips to get rid of digital addiction

We live in a digital age and that is surely no news. Technology has taken great strides and on the up side, it has helped us stay connected, get information at the push of a key and helped us to be aware of the happenings around the world. In short, digital revolution has helped humans stay connected with humans from all corners of the planet.

Upasana Konidela with her mobile (Picture has been used for illustration purpose only)

But given all the nice things, there are some not-so-nice things about technology and the digital world. It has, in most cases led to an addiction of sorts among the users and the results are surely disturbing. Thanks to social media, rumours, misinformation and extreme views are circulated without proper checks and balances.

Upasana Konidela’s UR Life platform has some interesting insights into why this happens and how it can be tackled. For starters, digital addiction is said to be similar to other kinds of addiction and is ruled by 4Cs – compulsion, craving, control and continuation. Staying off one’s mobile, laptop, desktop, television and other social media devices could lead to agitation, irritation, restlessness, eating and sleeping disorders.

So, while we know what the problem is, we would like to know the solution.

*Step 1 is to get back to real life. It is what helps us cope with everyday stress and develop resilience. It will also help us bond better with each other. *Step 2 is to achieve holistic self control, to have a hold on urges, impulses and other toxic and self-inflicting behaviour. *Step 3 is turning spiritual, for calmness, serenity and harmony. *Step 4 is to talk to a psycho-therapist to understand one’s self. *Step 5 is to step out and travel. *Step 6 is to meditate and if possible to be silent for chosen periods. *Step 7 is to be positive always, be simplistic and realistic. *Step 8 is to be mindful of negative thoughts. *Step 9 is to do yoga. *Step 10 is to write or put your thoughts on paper to help gain clarity.

The above tips have been shared by Dr Roshan Jain, senior consultant, psychiatry, de-addiction and psychotherapy.

So, if you find yourself digitally addicted, then it’s time you took control over it with the above tips.

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