16 August 2020 Today Horoscope : Astrological Prediction for Aries, Taurus, and other signs

Today Horoscope

August 16: Sravana Masam,Sunday, Dwadasi

Aries Today Horoscope : Your new decisions bring you victory!

New money making opportunities will be extremely attractive. Plan a evening for your friends and family members. If you implement important decisions in a phased manner you will be victorious. You will spend the day reading a good novel or magazine. You will experience a lot the good heart of your beautiful partner today.

Remedies : Chant Vishnu Sahasra Nama for better health.

Taurus Today Horoscope : Work hard for your family!

By today night you will make good profits as you will get back your debt. Work hard for your family. You should apologise to people who got hurt by you. Everyone commits mistake but remember only idiots make mistakes repeatedly. Understand the importance of time. It is unnecessary to try to understand others. This will increase many of your problems. Your wife quarrels with you for silly reasons but it will spoil your marital life in the long run. However, do not take others advice or listen to them.

Today Horoscope

Remedies : Read Srirama Raksha Stotram for development in profession and business.

Gemini Today Horoscope : Money will be spent unnecessarily!

Watch what you speak in public,or else, your emotions will result in getting huge criticism. You will meet a friend who is very understanding and show lot of care. With your positive mindset and your confidence, you will be able to impress others. Ensure that what ever you earn will not get spent unnecessarily. Some proposals look very attractive but it is not wise to take hurried decisions. You will commit to people who expect help from you.

Remedies : Chant Hanuman Chalisa for a happy family life.

Cancer Today Horoscope: You will receive unexpected gifts!

Businessmen if they go out on professional work, should be careful with their money otherwise it will get stolen. You will get unexpected gifts from your friends and relatives. You will get hurt with an uncaring friend. However try to be calm. Ensure that it will not hurt and in fact better try to escape from troubled times. Unexpected message will bring you a beautiful dream. You will reach your goals with hard work and patience. You will waste time by doing unimportant and unnecessary works again and again.

Remedies : Chant the mantra ‘ Palasa Pushpa Samkasam, Taraka Graha Mastakam, Roudram Rudratmakam Ghoram, Tam Ketum Pranamamyam’ eleven times.

Leo Today Horoscope : You will be relieved of tension today!

Today you will get relieved from many financial problems. Forget those who promise to deliver more than expected as it is beyond their ability. You will be relived of the longterm tensions, troubles etc.This is good time to start a new life happily and permanently changing your lifestyle. A spiritual guru or influential person will guide you today.

Remedies : Pray favourite deity,read Sri Sookta Parayanam for happy family life.

Virgo Today Horoscope : Developments in professional and business life today

You will gain in business and profession with your father’s advice. Ensure that family tensions do not dent your concentration. Bad time also will teach important lessons in life. Start the day with yoga or meditation. This will be very favourable to you ensuring that you have the energy through out the day. You will save a person from suffering heartbreak. You will be happy with your life partner.

Remedies : Do Sri Lakshmi Ganapati aradhana for peace in family.

Libra Today Horoscope : Your financial situation will improve

Your financial situation will improve but at the same time expenses increase. Your loved ones will show anger at you due to their family situation. Cool them down by speaking with them in an assuring manner. There could be unexpected inspections and so you may have to pay for your mistakes. Businessmen will see things in new dimensions. Your life partner may suspect you due to your busy schedule.

Remedies : Do Sri Lakshmi Aradhana for profession and business.

Scorpio Today Horoscope : Expenses will increase!

Expenses will increase. At the same time your income will take care of your bills. Family members occupy a special place in your life. Resolve professional obstacles with your experience with ease without any real hard work. Your little effort will resolve it permanently. Your life partner so busy today that she do not find time to spend with you.

Remedies : Pray Lord Shiva for good health.

Sagittarius Today Horoscope : Business will be profitable

Few will experience hardship in travel but it will benefit them financially. For few, business and education will be favourable. Today you will waste time for unnecessary and un important things. Due to change of stars,chances are there that you may recover from your ill health. This will help in participating in sports competitions. Forget about quarrels and office politics. You are the boss today in office.

Remedies : Perform Subrahmanya aradhana for a fruitful financial life.

Capricorn Today Horoscope : Today you will profit financially

Start exercising to get back your health. You will gain financially from various things. Your family matters may increase your worries. Lady luck is lethargic and it will not come to you on her own. This is the best and important time to reduce your weight. You will try to do your childhood things. You will forget about all sad events in your marital life. You will enjoy the happy moments at present.

Remedies : Chant Hanuman Chalisa early morning standing outside to protect your health.

Aquarius Today Horoscope : You will hear good news from relatives

All financial related problems will be solved today. You will gain financial benefits. You will get happy moments from a good news from your far way relatives. You will be tired and lethargic with the thought of helping each and everyone. everything in the office will be favourable to you today. Children will show interest to spend the entire day playing. Parents should be careful with them or else they may get injured. Love after marriage will be little difficult. But this will happen in your case through out the day.

Remedies : Offer sweets to God for health benefits.

Pisces Today Horoscope : Businessmen will make profits today!

Your quest for knowledge will bring you new friends. Today businessmen who are staying in house should stay way from them who get financial help and avoid returning them back. Wholesalers and retailers will have a good day. Today things may not go as expected. However you will have a good time with our better half.

Remedies : Lit ghee deepas at Tulasi tree for a happy and satisfactory love life.