Young Hero Says Not Film Against Pawan Kalyan

Politics and movies are not separate entities. As the election season approaches, a young and talented movie director has recently joined a major political party. This director holds considerable influence within the party, and his movie, centered around the party’s ideologies, became a massive hit.

Currently, he has been approached by another young director to make a film against Pawan Kalyan, who represents an opposing political party. However, he politely declined, stating that he cannot do anything against an individual. He expressed that he could only make a movie in line with his party’s principles and refused to work on any project that contradicts his beliefs.

Although he is not a staunch admirer of Pawan Kalyan, he has made it clear that he will not compromise on his principles. This stance has become a hot topic in the film circles now.

Meanwhile, amidst all this, the same director has ventured into a bold web series, sparking intense discussions and controversies in the industry.