Why The Telugu Film Industry Mutes On Congress Win?

Surprisingly, the Congress party won the most recent elections in Telangana, even though exit polls had predicted differently. This surprising result has sparked conversations, particularly about the Telugu cinema industry’s response—or lack thereof. Traditionally, the stars of Tollywood, encompassing leading actors, directors, and technicians, have consistently shown support for the government in Telangana.

They have often rallied behind initiatives taken by the ruling BRS party, unlike their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh. Celebrities such as Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, Nithiin, and others had regularly praised the BRS government, particularly leaders like former CM KCR and former IT minister KTR. Their endorsements were believed to have played a role in bolstering the party’s standing, especially in Hyderabad.

However, following the Congress party’s win, the visible support from the Telugu cinema fraternity has noticeably diminished. Aside from producer Bandla Ganesh, who has been openly supportive of the Congress, there’s been a noticeable absence of public appreciation or congratulatory messages from other prominent personalities towards Revanth Reddy or the Congress party.

Despite celebrities asserting their avoidance of political entanglements, the lack of acknowledgment seems unusual given their historical proclivity for endorsing the ruling party. Had the BRS secured victory once more, social media would likely have been flooded with congratulatory messages from these stars. Moving forward, it remains to be seen how the new Congress government will engage with and garner support from the Telugu film industry.