Why Is Chiraneevi Getting Blamed?

Megastar Chiranjeevi has always been a producer’s man. He always lends his support to the producers. Megastar takes the preferences of his fans into consideration and ensures that the producers don’t incur any losses due to him.

However, Chiranjeevi’s calculation regarding the movie ‘Acharya’ seems to have gone wrong. Although the losses faced by the producers were beyond his control, Chiranjeevi took the responsibility of compensating for those losses.

Amidst this process, Chiranjeevi stepped down from his remuneration of 15 to 20 crores and made a statement that it’s not just about 20 crores but even more than that.

Following these discussions, Chiranjeevi expressed that he would speak more after the release of the film. He said he would discuss his next steps after the film’s release.

Prior to the film’s release, producer Anil Sunkara openly expressed that Chiranjeevi’s remuneration was adjusted to 25 crores. This brought a bit of clarity to the situation.

With so much happening behind the scenes, one wonders why the negative publicity emerged. Anil Sunkara, however, came forward and revealed the details of Chiranjeevi’s remuneration and the adjustments made before the film’s release.

Anil Sunkara shared the news about Chiranjeevi’s remuneration adjustment for the film ‘Bholaa Shankar,’ which led to this situation. That’s the story behind it.