Tom Cruise shoots for Mission Impossible 7 in Venice

The people of Venice and tourists hopping around Venice have been lucky to have the ‘closest possible’ look of Hollywood’s top star Tom Cruise.

It is well-known that his Mission Impossible franchise is in its seventh film and Tom Cruise who reprises the role of Ethan Hunt has been shooting in Venice for over a week now.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7 in Venice

The 58-year-old Tom Cruise has been shooting some heavy-duty action sequences jumping from vehicles and boats in the canals of Venice. Tom Cruise’s team and Paramount Pictures have been giving constant updates about the shoot and releasing loads of pictures. Most are action shots, while some are Tom Cruise’s pictures with his fans. Of course, he is seen wearing masks in all his social pictures and during off-time on the sets.

A major chunk of Mission Impossible 7 is being shot in Venice after a break in the shooting. Thanks to Corona inflicting some of the members of the crew, the shooting was stalled as there was a wave of Corona all over Europe.

However, after careful considerations and several talks between Cruise and the makers, the shooting had resumed in Venice. The director Christopher Mcquarrie has been associated with the franchise for a few films and he has been supervising the extensive shoot.

As of yesterday, Simon Pegg who plays Benji Dunn and Rebecca Ferguson who plays F16 agent Ilsa Faust joined the team for their sequences. Both participated in a rehearsal with the film’s director and Tom Cruise and all of them were seen to be having a good time on the set.

Both Tom Cruise and the film-makers have requested public and Cruise fans to maintain social distancing around the set.