Tom Cruise loses his cool on sets of Mission Impossible 7

Tom Cruise seems to have lost his cool when safety protocols on his set for Mission Impossible 7 were not followed. The star of the quarter century old franchise is said to have used expletives while bursting out on the sets.


MI7: Tom Cruise loses his cool on London set


The ace Bollywood star lost his cool when he saw two of the unit members watching a monitor standing next to each other. As per set protocol, all persons are supposed to stand at least six feet apart from each other. This instantly got Tom Cruise agitated.

Cruise is reported to have said, “We are creating thousands of jobs. I don’t ever want to see it again! Ever! And if you don’t do it, you’re fired!”

One of the reasons for Tom Cruise’s outburst could have been the series of disruptions the film had due to the pandemic. The incident happened on the sets of film in London.

Before moving to London, the film was extensively shot in Venice, Italy. But the shooting was stalled after a peak in corona cases in the country. The production was resumed in September and the unit shot in Italy, Norway and Britain.

It is known that Mission Impossible is a franchise with high-octane action drama and has been minting money for the producers.