Tollywood pleaded for Online Ticket System?

Till now many felt that Tollywood celebrities are against the Andhra Pradesh government’s GO regarding the reduction of ticket prices in theatres. When reports came that the AP government is planning to start an online ticket system for theatres under government control, many celebrities expressed their anger.

In the midst of all this, AP Minister for Information and Public Relations, Perni Nani speaking to scribes said, Tollywood celebrities pleaded with the Government to come with an online ticketing system and added that based on it, the government had appointed a committee to study the proposal. He added “We will hold a meeting with producers, distributors and theater owners in this respect,” He said this will reduce black marketing.

He pointed out that Central Government asked the state governments to come with their views on the online sale of theatre tickets. He said “The Vishwa Media Enterprises of Vijayawada in 2003 and the Galaxy Enterprises of Visakhapatnam the next year came forward to sell tickets online. The government had published the plan for online tickets in the state gazette.”