Top director’s attitude giving shock to the producers

He is a top commercial director. At the start of his career, he did many films teaming with a popular producer. Though he had one more commitment it did not materialize. From the beginning both their mindsets did not sync but for the latest project, the differences increased and reached a point of no return. Since the producer is delaying the project, he roped in another producer.

Apart from it, he set a project with a top star who is planning a re-entry. However, inside talk is a lot of behind the scenes development happened before the director got this project. He held discussions with the production house and ensured that the hero gets a huge remuneration.

Apart from it, he also ensured that the project do not go out of his hands and made the hero finalize his name as the director. Though the project is on track, producers are angry with the director for not allowing them to have their say in finalizing the hero and director for the project.

However the director is surprising all by lining up numerous crazy projects in a smart manner. the producer from whose compound the director walked out is unable to digest the director getting crazy projects.