Young Hero Not Happy With The Producer

Though the hero is the face of the cinema and the director is the master behind it, it’s a known fact that the movie is producer’s sole property. After all, the film is the producer’s property. Whether it makes profits or incurs losses, it all ties back to the producer. The struggles in movie-making belong to the producer alone.

However, the hero’s troubles seem to have diminished. The director’s dealings remain the same. Nonetheless, the hero holds more rights over the movie than even the director does. The producer wishes to release the film at the right time, but the hero has a different story.

He is the director, the scriptwriter, and the producer of the film, managing everything single-handedly. Even for his personal films, the hero can make decisions. Shouldn’t other producers also listen to what he says when collaborating? He seems quite perturbed.

During promotions, he speaks ahead of the hero and the producer seems not worried whether the hero attends the movie promotions or not and he is ready to promote the movie on his own.

Nevertheless, behind-the-scenes efforts are ongoing. The hero seems to lack options due to the circumstances. The makeup appears to be more serious now. That’s how things stand!