Talk-Time for RGV to retire

There was a time when RGV used to be considered to be a demi-god for filmmakers and actors in the country. RGV has given lives to so many actors and technicians in the country and now they are so many who want him to succeed and make a solid comeback.

But RGV has taken a new low and is only making bad films one after the other. The way he is making these bad films, many in the media say that RGV needs to retire now and sit at home. Some of them are also saying that RGV is now only fit to do those controversial interviews and nothing else.

There is also a section that is very upset that RGV is not giving any hit in the last few years. RGV’s fixation for glamor and his silly narration in Climax only proves that RGV is not going to make a comeback anytime soon in the days to come.

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