RGV shocks anchor with ‘Naked’ dreams

While the entire film industry, all the film stars, directors, and producers stopped all the film shoots due to coronavirus and the lockdown, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is surprising all with his supersonic speed.

Already he released his film Climax and he earned good profits by pricing per view at Rs 100. Delighted with the success, he is releasing his next titled Nagnam. He also lined up his upcoming entertainers Corona Virus and Murder.

RGV is busy promoting Naked (Nagnam) which is releasing on June 27. During the promotions on various youtube channels, he came with all guns blazing.RGV shocked the anchor expressing his desire to see her in a bikini.

When the anchor asked her ‘ Did you experience any feeling like ‘wow’ when you saw a girl.”. RGV added ‘ I experienced that feeling when I watched various women. You are also one among them”

Anchor who was taken aback then said ‘Desires in Humans are common. Did you have any crazy desires which you couldn’t fulfill”. RGV once again shocked ” There are no instances when I did not fulfill my dreams. At the same time when I realize that my desire will not get fulfilled, then I will forget it then and there.”

Continuing further he said ” Now I wish to see you in a bikini. I am giving you such an offer now. If you agree it’s ok. If you say no, I will forget it at once”

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