RGV gets Nagnam shock

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is the only person who is going great guns during coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. He unleashed to adult films on his OTT app to cash into the weakness of the youngsters. While the film Climax featured Mia Malkova, Nagnam, Naked, Nanga featured Sweety (Sri Rapaka). Ram Gopal Varma is over the moon as he is minting profits with in hours of its release.

RGV when asked about Nagnam film budget, surprised all saying it was just Rs 2000. He countered a critic in this manner when the critic felt that the Nagnam budget would be not more than Rs 1 lakh.

In the midst of all this, RGV got Nagnam shock. Nagnam lead actress Sweety (Sri Rapaka) speaking to scribes revealed her remuneration saying she demanded Rs 2lakhs and RGV without bargaining paid her the demanded amount. This shows that RGV is lying over Nagnam’s budget.

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