Mega Brother shocks-praises Gandhi’s murderer

Indians revere and respect freedom fighter Gandhi and singing praises of him lauding him as Mahatma and Father of The Nation. No one dares to speak against him.

Everyone knows that every person as positive and negative traits. However, people do not like to hear even a single negative comment, forget about analyzing Gandhi’s decisions and their negative and positive impact on India as a nation.

If anyone raises their voice against Gandhi, they will be branded as an anti-national or a BJP or RSS person. Few supporters and outfits of RSS and BJP hail Nathuram Godse and praise him for assassinating Gandhi.

They say had Gandhi been alive India would have been broken into many more pieces and hold Gandhi responsible for the partition and creation of Pakistan. They also blame Gandhi for the Kashmir problem.

In the midst of all this, Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s brother, Naga Babu shocked all by showering praises on Nathuram Godse. He said ‘ Today is Nathuram Godse’s birthday. A real patriot. It is debatable whether the assassination of Gandhi is right. or wrong. However, during that time, no media considered his side of the argument. Media worked under the directions of the government after Gandhi’s assassination( Even now it is the same). He acted as per his thoughts though he will get tarnished. However, we can not question his patriotism. He was a real patriot. I felt we should remember him on his birthday. Poor Nathuram Godse. May his soul rest in peace”

Wonder why Naga Babu stirred a hornet nest.