How Rana bowled Miheeka


Hot Hunk Rana surprised all by announcing his engagement with Miheeka during the lockdown period. This came as a shock to all his fans and many wondered when Rana met Miheeka and proposed to her and how he bowled her.

What surprised all his Rana and Miheeka knew each other for more than ten years and no one even got a doubt about Rana’s romantic affair. Everyone knows Bollywood media is active and haunts celebrities finding out their minute details but Rana and Miheeka managed to outwit them.

Now inside talk is Rana managed to bowl Miheeka with his sister Ashrita, daughter of Victory Venkatesh. It is coming out that Ashrita came to know about Rana and Miheeka’s love affair and supported him completely. Sources reveal Ashrita helped them facilitating their meetings and also helping them whenever they wanted to talk personally.

Rana’s stardom increased in leaps and bounds after his power-packed performance as Bhalladeva in Baahubali.