Did Rajinikanth get corona

Millions of fans of Super Star Rajinikanth woke up to a rude shock that he got coronavirus. When worried fans across the world started calling Rajinikanth to find out the truth, they heaved a sigh of relief that it was just a rumor.

From then on they turned furious and started trolling mercilessly small screen Hindi actor Rohit Roy for spreading the rumor. Rohit Roy on his account posted that Rajinikanth was tested positive for coronavirus and he is kept under quarantine.

Rohit Roy posted “Rajinikanth tested +ve for Corona. Corona is now under quarantine.”

Furious fans started trolling Rohit Roy and though Rohit Roy clarified that he cracked a joke, it did not go down well with the fans. They started trolling him even after he apologized to Rajinikanth fans.

“Guys chill… don’t be so morose! A joke is a joke.. and sorry I don’t think it’s in bad taste… it’s a typical Rajni sir joke.. and my intention was to make you guys smile.. look at the intention before you start commenting.. at least I didn’t crack a joke to hurt you all like you all are posting messages deliberately to hurt me.”

Rajinikanth is currently starring in Annathe under the direction of Shiva. He recently entertained with films like Darbar and Petta.

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