Ace producer tests +ve for corona

The increase in coronavirus cases across the country and the varying symptoms is giving sleepless nights not only to the people but also to the doctors. Right after the lifting of lockdown Coronavirus cases started increasing at an alarming rate.

In the midst of all this, shocking reports are coming that actor cum producer Bandla Ganesh got affected with the deadly disease. According to sources Bandla Ganesh went to doctors for hair transplant and they asked him to undergo corona tests. When he was tested, much to the shock of all the results came positive. He was at once shifted to quarantine center and doctors started giving treatment.

With Bandla Ganesh tested positive for Corona, all his family members, relatives, close aides are now undergoing coronavirus tests. Officials are now trying to find out the people who came in contact with him during these days. This development shocked the entire Tollywood as it is getting ready to resume shooting in the coming days.