The Jagan – PK Breakup: What Went Wrong?

The political situation in Andhra Pradesh has been quite stirred by the recent meeting between political strategist Prashant Kishor and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. The YSR Congress’s remarks make it clear that they are surprised by this unexpected event. Conversations concerning the rift between Jagan and Prashant Kishor are rife.

The connection between Jagan and Prashant Kishor appears to have broken down. According to reports, Jagan may have betrayed Kishor by restricting I-PAC’s involvement in social media campaigns and surveys following the 2019 elections, even though I-PAC’s contract was extended. Kishor opposed Jagan’s plans for three capitals and criticized Jagan’s repeated comments on Pawan Kalyan’s personal life.

Additionally, Kishor tried to prevent radical changes to the cabinet, which Jagan perceived as interference. The situation worsened when Jagan supposedly mocked Kishor about his political endeavors in Bihar. This rift led Kishor to align himself with the TDP after the fallout.

Essentially, disagreements arose between Jagan and Prashant Kishor over the scope of I-PAC’s work, differing views on crucial decisions like multiple capitals, criticism regarding public statements, and alleged interference in governance matters. These tensions ultimately led to a parting of ways between Jagan and Prashant Kishor, culminating in Kishor’s association with the TDP.