Telangana: Election Tensions Heighten Over Rythu Bandhu Funds

In Telangana, just before crucial elections, the ruling BRS party faced a setback when the Central Election Commission decided to withhold funds for the Rythu Bandhu scheme, a prestigious initiative, until after the polls. The commission’s instructions, sent to the state government, have disrupted the ruling party’s plans with only two days left until the elections.

Earlier, the Congress party had raised concerns with the Election Commission about releasing funds for Rythu Bandhu. Upon review, the commission didn’t find any issues as the scheme has been running for some time. However, with the elections slated for the 30th, the state government was directed to release the funds by the 28th.

The BRS government had made extensive preparations for the funds’ release on the 28th, but this directive has led to renewed political controversy. The opposition Congress complained to the Election Commission about the ruling party’s leaders campaigning during election meetings. Consequently, the Commission has halted the funds’ release, stating they can only be disbursed after the elections.

This situation has raised tensions between the ruling party and the opposition, with the Election Commission stepping in to ensure fairness and address concerns about the timing of fund releases in the context of the upcoming elections.