TDP And Janasena’s Election Tussle, Intricacies Of Alliances!

The seat adjustments between TDP and Janasena in Andhra Pradesh ahead of the 2024 general elections are pretty complex, especially with strong leaders eyeing the same constituencies. Convincing and accommodating these leaders within the parties for a smooth alliance is a big challenge. Take the example of Rajahmundry Rural constituency, where Buchhaiah Chowdary and Kandula Durgesh both have interests – it highlights how negotiations get intricate.

TDP’s President CBN has already declared TDP candidates for all 19 MLAs in the 2024 elections. Buchhaiah has a solid political rapport in Rajahmundry Urban but shifted to Rajahmundry Rural as part of the BJP alliance in 2014. He’s won there in both the 2014 and 2019 elections. If Janasena insists on Rajahmundry Rural, Buchhaiah might move to Rajanagaram, where Boddu Venkata Ramana holds sway for TDP.

Venkata Ramana could then contest for the Rajahmundry Parliament seat if Buchhaiah relocates. Similar complexity arises in Tenali, where Alapati Raja and Nadendla Manohar are both vying for candidacy. If Janasena pushes for Tenali to go to Nadendla, TDP plans to accommodate Alapati in either Guntur East or Guntur West. There’s talk that CBN has signaled Alapati to shift from Tenali.

Rumours suggest that MP Galla might not contest for Parliament from Guntur this time. If an alternate MLA candidate isn’t found, TDP might consider nominating Alapati for the Guntur Parliament seat. Overall, these negotiations involve delicate maneuvers to ensure alliances and accommodate leaders across different constituencies for a smooth electoral process.